MAG responds to AJC article

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The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) believes that an article (‘Exposed and vulnerable patients violated in every state – yet the doctors were forgiven’) that appeared on the front page of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on July 6 that said that sexual abuse by physicians “occurs far more often than any of us would have expected” is misleading and irresponsible.
“The overwhelming majority of physicians in Georgia hold themselves to the highest professional standards,” says MAG President John S. Harvey, M.D. “We have dedicated our lives to making our patients better. Scaring people with this kind of broad brush without adequate context simply does not serve any productive purpose.”
He also stresses that, “Of course, any health care provider who breaks the law should be held accountable.”
Finally, Dr. Harvey emphasizes that MAG will remain focused on enhancing the state’s health care system and ensuring that patients have access to the physicians and medical care they need so they remain healthy and productive.