‘Top Docs’ show on infectious diseases now online

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A recording of a recent Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) ‘Top Docs Radio’ show that addressed important infectious disease issues and the need for more young physicians to go into the specialty is now available online.

The show featured Robin H. Dretler, M.D., FIDSA – an infectious diseases specialist and the founder of the Infectious Disease Specialists of Atlanta practice at the DeKalb Medical Center.

“Medicine is becoming increasingly fragmented and complex, and the infectious diseases specialty has become an especially-pivotal part of our health care system,” said Dr. Dretler.  “Unfortunately, the number of young physicians who are going into this specialty is declining.”

He explained that, "Two years ago, more than 40 percent of infectious diseases training slots went unfilled (i.e., a program seeking three new trainees might only get two and some smaller programs might not get any) – while last year more than 60 percent of infectious disease training programs did not have enough fellowship trainees.”

Dr. Dretler stressed that, “It is essential to convince more young physicians to go into the infectious diseases specialty if we hope to ensure that all Georgians have access to the care they need.” 

The MAG member physician addressed wound care, the need for patients to see a physician before they travel abroad, the Zika virus, why sexually transmitted diseases are increasing at such an alarming rate, and the status of the AIDS virus in 2016.

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