MAG promoting December 14-15 ‘Health IT’ event

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The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is promoting a ‘Health IT Series’ event that Healthcare Informatics will host at The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta on December 14-15.

Healthcare Informatics says the event will feature panel discussions that will address some of today’s more important health care IT issues, including…

– ‘Security & Data Protection: High Tech & High Touch’

– ‘A Deeper Dive: Understanding the Emerging Hacker Threats’

– ‘Interoperability in the Post-EHR era’

– ‘Population Health Strategies to Improve Outcomes and Coordination of Care’

The featured speakers will include Pearson Health Tech Insights, LLC (PHTI) Founder and Principal Glenn E. Pearson and Piedmont Healthcare Chief Medical Information Officer Robert Budman, M.D.

HealtheParadigm – which is a new, physician-led health IT solution that will enable physicians to generate sophisticated patient data reports that they can use to improve patient outcomes and fulfill the new quality-based payer metrics that has been endorsed by MAG – is a sponsor and will have an exhibit at the event. 

MAG members (e.g., practicing physicians and those who are affiliated with hospitals or educational institutions) and applicable practice staff can attend the event on a complimentary basis if they check the ‘Government, Provider, Educator’ option and enter “MAG” in the ‘Discount Code’ box during the registration process.

MAG members who qualify as a “vendor or consultant” (e.g., they are attending the event as a paid consultant) will receive a 50 percent discount if they check the ‘Vendor or Consultant’ option and enter “MAG” in the ‘Discount Code’ box during the registration process.

Healthcare Informatics notes that, “[The MAG discount] is not for current registrants, vendors, consultants, students or retirees, and each registration is subject to approval. iHT² requires at least 24-hour notice of a cancellation. We do take .01 to hold your registration. We do ask for any reason you can’t attend you call or email us to cancel and we will refund the .01 and there is no additional charge to you. Should you ‘no show’ and not call or email us we do charge $195 – to prevent a no show fee please call or email us to cancel.”

Contact Pamela Durget at or 561.701.5895 with questions.  

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